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How I Teach Math

Tips on Teaching Math I often get asked the question of how I teach math. One of the most frustrating parts of homeschooling or even supplementing some of your child’s education is seeing your child struggling with formal studies. They can feel discouraged or disengaged at times and all you want to do is make it an easier process for them. I’ve been able to try different products, games, and tactics over the course of many years and I’m happy to share with you what has truly helped our children. GAMES Nature Schooling I’m a firm believer in the fact that children need to spend time outside. One of my goals for this year is to get them outdoors more and school in nature. As a homeschooling mo

Moon Phase Craft

Moon Phase Craft Learning science is always fun around here. Astronomy is our oldest son’s absolute favorite subject to learn. One of the many, many reasons I love to homeschool is to see our children explore what interests them. Since he’s such a fan of learning about the moon, I came up with a number of projects and handicrafts for us to do together. This moon phase art weave is one of them. It was so much fun to create and I hope it gives you inspiration to get creative as well. Materials we used: 13” x 20” wood board 56 small nails Yarn Tools we used: Template or glass cup Pencil Scissors Hammer Directions: Start off by tracing your moon phases in oreder onto your board with a pencil. Ha

God Made the Rain Forest

God Made the Rain Forest We’re still in a very slow rhythm for school. I have thoroughly loved our time together as a family during this holiday season. If you follow me on social media, you know that I love being in the kitchen with our children. I have so many precious memories of my childhood that were created in the kitchen with my mom. I hope to create the same memories by being intestinal with our homeschool years. We love baking together but since we baked so many cookies and sweet treats over the Christmas season, we decided to make natural play dough in the kitchen instead. We made three different colors to go along with the book we read. Below I’ve listed the ingredients and direct

A New Year

The kids and I thought of 10 words we want our home and homeschool to look like in 2020. I couldn't pick just one. I know I need to but I'm going to take the next few weeks and really pray about what each item here looks like and how we can implement them all. Now that we're coming out of the newborn phase, we're going to focus more on accomplishing some goal, all the while still taking things slow and allowing them to be little. . Here are our words: 1. Intention Every activity, book and lesson will be made with intention for our children. I work too hard on keeping them "busy" and not allowing my eyes to focus on doing all of these things with intention. 2. Less We want to do more with l


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