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They're Finally Here!

It's been a year in the making, but Old Blue Finds is finally available on Amazon! My proofs of each book came in the mail today. I met the UPS man at the foot of the driveway because I was so excited to tear into the box. My kiddos are thrilled to have a physical copy of each of the books I once could only read to them on my computer. There are six books within the Old Blue Finds Series. Click here to get your copies on Amazon and share with them with your friends and family.


Hi everyone! As I sit here on this fine Monday morning, drinking my coffee and wondering how I will entertain and teach my toddlers and baby for the week, I look to my left and see my entire box of solar system fun that I brought upstairs for this week's lesson plans. My lesson plans have been created over time to not only educate preschool and first grade but, also babies and toddlers. It was important for me as a homeschooling mom of 3 to entertain and enjoy teaching all of these ages at once. Our children are all roughly 20 months apart and many families are in the same boat that we are with children all close in age. It's a blessing but they're far enough that it's a challenge to juggle


Hi everyone, I'm Amanda! Please follow me as I share all the wonderful blessings of the best job in the world...being a mom! I am a follower of Christ, a dedicated wife to the most amazing man in the world, a homeschooling mom to 3 sweet blessings, and an author/illustrator of children's books. My true calling in life is to serve others and share Christ's love through motherhood. Willfully Serving His Children was started to share educational ideas, resources and encouragement to your very own homeschooling and homemaking journey. Thank you for stopping by. I hope this site is a blessing to your family. Xoxo, Amanda


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