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Scripture Memorization

Scripture Memorization There are so many things we can teach our children while we homeschool. In my opinion, our children are getting the best education because of the love we pour out as parents. We have so much to think about while choosing their education. Which math curriculum is the best? What will I entertain the toddler with while teaching a difficult subject? When should we take breaks? What will our schedule look like? Despite all these questions, the most important thing to me as a mom and teacher is that I’m teaching our children about the Lord and His love for us. Today’s verse is a reminder to us that all things will pass away but the Word of the Lord will remain forever. This

Scripture Memorization

Scripture Memorization Welcome back to school! With everyone having already started or starting school very soon, I thought the verse of the week should be something to encourage your little ones through. Some of your children are starting new adventures this year with school. Whether it’s starting preschool, kindergarten or beginning a new intimidating subject such as reading, I want to share some encouragement. My son would be starting his “official” first year of school this year. We’ve been homeschooling for years now however, knowing that he is “required” to start school, is a hard pill to swallow for Mama. Not just for mamas though. Some children may feel a bit intimidated to switch fr

Scripture Memorization-Worship

Scripture Memorization Worship This week we’re digging into what it means to worship. We’ll be talking about the importance of seeing God in everything we do, but also that we’re called to worship him in our heart and minds fully. We will be stopping all the distractions that comes along with life and simply worshiping the God of all creation. Our morning time is when we spend our time in worship and in the Word. We have hymns we sing, a reading from our theology book, a bible reading, verse songs, and much more that we do together. Though I’ve intentionally set this time aside, I want our children to see that we can stop the busyness of life any time to worship our Lord. It shouldn’t always

Scripture Memorization

Scripture Memorization Starting this school year, I’ll be incorporating scripture memorization even more than I have in the past. One of the countless reasons I enjoy homeschooling is fact that I get to hand pick what my children will be exposed to and using to do their copy work. I can’t think of a better way of practicing handwriting skills than to go straight to the Word of God. I’ll be posting a free printable weekly for my readers to encourage you and your family. I pray these handwriting sheets are a blessing to you and your family. This week we’ll be studying from the Book of Matthew. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” Matthew 5:8 Please come back next Monday for


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