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Creating Old Blue

Growing up, I was never one to draw. As my mom always tells me, I hardly could make a stick figure. As time went on and we had children, I found myself trying to teach them different concepts. Our children are both visual and kinesthetic learners. I frequently found myself drawing to teach a new concept within my lesson plan. After practicing for a while, I saw I had more talent than drawing just a stick figure. I knew I couldn't buy every activity workbook out there for my children to find sheets that correlated with each lesson plan we were learning, so I just drew activity pages for them. ****Please note that the content on this page is copyrighted and may not be used for any purposes. I

Meet Old Blue

It's every child's favorite tractor, Old Blue. He is kind, considerate, loves to teach children, and a great friend to have around. He enjoys taking adventures to places you never knew a tractor could go. He has spent time in space, down in the water with sea creatures, finding shapes with his friend Sweet Violet, and much more. He can't wait to take his next trip. In the words of one of our readers, "What can't Old Blue do?" Let me know in the comments below what you think Old Blue's next adventure should be. Xoxo, Amanda

Before Closing the Pool

That time has come again when leaves are falling and the air is nice and chilly. Fall is my favorite time of the year, although it's sad to see Summer end. Next week we will be draining and closing the pool for the season. Before doing so, I decided to take the kiddos out by the pool and read Old Blue Finds Sea Creatures. There's something about putting your feet in the water while reading a sea creature book that makes the book seem so real. Hope you're enjoying the nice Fall weather! Please visit Amazon in the link below to purchase your copy of Old Blue Finds Sea Creatures. Old Blue Finds Sea Creatures Let me know what your favorite season is. Xoxo, Amanda


Meet Old Blue! It was July fourth on the farm my husband grew up. We love going home to create new memories with family. Pops makes the best barbecue in all of North Carolina. We were standing around the grill, smelling the amazing aroma of what was going to be one delicious meal when Pops said he had some boxes for us to take home. He then brought us into the building where we were going to have dinner. In the rafters, he had several boxes waiting for us. It was soon time to eat barbecue and visit with family. We threw the box in the back of the truck and didn’t open it until we were home. My husband went through the box while we were unpacking and found a bunch of old toys from when he was

Photos Are Coming...

Today I'm working on taking pictures of the very tractor that inspired me to start my #1 New Release in preschool children's books on Amazon. Old Blue Finds can be ordered in both paperback and Kindle versions. ​ Xoxo, Amanda


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