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Creating Old Blue

Growing up, I was never one to draw. As my mom always tells me, I hardly could make a stick figure. As time went on and we had children, I found myself trying to teach them different concepts. Our children are both visual and kinesthetic learners. I frequently found myself drawing to teach a new concept within my lesson plan. After practicing for a while, I saw I had more talent than drawing just a stick figure. I knew I couldn't buy every activity workbook out there for my children to find sheets that correlated with each lesson plan we were learning, so I just drew activity pages for them.

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I didn't have anything fancy and by no means am I a graphic designer. I got out a piece of paper and my kid's colored pencils from our homeschool supplies. I didn't draw my illustrations overnight, but I enjoyed learning how to draw scenes and characters for my books. It became a hobby and each morning when I worked on something new I couldn't wait to share it with my family when they woke up.

Later I scanned and uploaded the drawings to the computer. In doing so, I realized it would be necessary to get a graphic design software for my illustrations. My husband did some research and found some software where I was able to draw my images right on my computer. And there you's an illustrated page from Old Blue Finds Farm Animals.

It's one of my passions now as an author and illustrator. I can't wait to illustrate my next book! Who knew?



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