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The Art of Child Led Learning

The Art of Child Led Learning Child led learning can be beneficial in so many ways. I’m not saying this is the concept we take all the time with homeschool, but sometimes you just have to run with what interests your child. My choice for science this year was astronomy. I picked a variety of activities, books from the library, and art projects to go along with our Apologia science book. Our two oldest took interest in a human body activity they did at our local children’s science museum and basically started begging me to teach them anatomy and physiology this year. I decided to save the astronomy stuff for a later date and dive deep into anatomy. Our first couple weeks have been a blast lea

A Tractor Drive

How do you entertain busy kiddos when they’ve already run around outside on a hot Saturday? Take them for a ride to look for tractors, of course! Looking for inspiration to write my next Old Blue Finds book. It’s funny how I lived my whole life not knowing what an excavator was, but now that I’m a mom of boys, I know every tractor there is to know and what they’re used for. Love my life. Happy Saturday! Xoxo, Amanda

Sick Days and Homeschooling

Let’s face it when we’re sick, we just want to curl up in bed, binge watch our favorite tv show on Netflix, drink some orange juice, and just take it easy. Kids, on the other hand, don’t ever seem to be phased by the common cold or flu virus. As we approach cold and flu season, I thought maybe I’d write a quick post on homeschooling through the sickness. I wish I had the energy my kids do when they’re sick. They will come downstairs in the morning and do laps around the island while I make breakfast, with or without snot running down his nose, eyes glassy, or a fever of 101°. Meet our sicky, sicky babies! This is a way as a mom I can make my sweet blessings feel better when they’re not feeli


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