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Sick Days and Homeschooling

Let’s face it when we’re sick, we just want to curl up in bed, binge watch our favorite tv show on Netflix, drink some orange juice, and just take it easy. Kids, on the other hand, don’t ever seem to be phased by the common cold or flu virus. As we approach cold and flu season, I thought maybe I’d write a quick post on homeschooling through the sickness.

I wish I had the energy my kids do when they’re sick. They will come downstairs in the morning and do laps around the island while I make breakfast, with or without snot running down his nose, eyes glassy, or a fever of 101°.

Meet our sicky, sicky babies! This is a way as a mom I can make my sweet blessings feel better when they’re not feeling 100%. My kids think these are the sweetest things and ask for them each time they’re sick. I’m able to give these to them and still have a day of school. It gives them the love they need but also focuses us for the day. They simply sit their sicky, sicky babies on the table, so they're close while we're working on our lesson plans.

We don’t have a full day or go as hard as we normally do, but it’s so nice that we can still have a day of school and learn. That’s yet another reason homeschooling is so amazing. We don’t have to decide whether to spread our germ to friends or miss out on a day of learning.

Another element to our sick day is reading books. At any given time, we have about 100 books checked out from the library. Some of them are related to the topics we’re studying in our lesson plans. I simply pull them out, cuddle up in a big blanket with my babies, and we read with our sicky, sicky babies.

I just bought a few stuffed animals on clearance a Walmart, cut up a t-shirt that I used for a cast, and stuck a few bandages on each of them.

Let me know what special thing you do for your little one while they’re sick.

Happy homeschooling and remember to “willfully serve His children” throughout your own homeschool day.



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