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Robotics and Coding Part 1

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Robotics and Coding Part 1

Our children have really taken an interest in coding and robotics lately. Assuming that coding will likely be as important for them as reading in the future, I am running with this interest. Any additional coding classes that I can place them into outside of homeschool, along with coding and robotics books or toys we can put in their hands, we have incorporated into our learning.

Below are some great coding and robotics resources to start with that I'd like to share with all of you.

Building a Robot

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Our son did this all on his own, therefore it was perfect for his age. He started off by sorting all of the nuts and bolts along with the other components to the robot. The instructions are all picture based, so it was easy for him to multitask while I read a coding book to him. He truly enjoyed this one and wants to disassemble so he can do put it together again and again.



This coding toy is such a wonderful place to start grasping coding interest of young children. My son tends to be a little rough on his remote controled cars so I was a bit nervous at first when he started banging on the keys of the controller for Botley. After we explained to him that it wasn't just a remote control, his interest was peeked. It's challenging enough with the obstacles you can set up that it keeps interest, yet intuitive to be a coding starting point.


*Links to each are provided below by clicking on each title.

This is such a great book to start reading to your children at a very young age. Our toddler really enjoys the flaps and bright colors in it. There are activities, flaps, tabs that slide out and wheels that turn to hold the interest of little ones. It covers topics such as patterning, sorting data, flow charts, and many more.

I really like this one because it simplifies the steps of coding with steps of every day life such as brushing your teeth. This is also a great book to start the concept of coding with your children.

If you're trying to get your little girl interested in coding, this is a great book. It's cute book about a little girl and a robot building a sandcastle together with all of the step in between. At the end she talks about how she can build an entire kingdom, showing the readers how important coding is in our world today.

I hope all of these resources are a blessing to you and your homeschool adventure. Be on the look out for my next blog on coding DIY for your homeschool.

Don’t forget to check out the other coding resources we’ve found for you and your children.

Happy homeschooling and remember to "Willfully Serve His Children" throughout your homeschooling day.



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