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Robotics and Coding Part 4

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Robotics and Coding Part 4

Legos meets Firebot

Our children love to create with Legos. These pair so nicely with many of our lesson plans due to the versatility. Click on the picture or the link below to see this classic Lego set that we have.

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Generally I leave Legos for their free time or to play with during our read aloud time. Today however, I decided to jump in on this activity and play on the floor with my sweet blessings.

We gained our inspiration from looking through this Cool Robots book and admiring the creations within it. We didn't have the Legos they used but that didn't stop us from creating some super neat robots.

Our son named each of these robots as he created them. I love to see creativity and imagination when homeschooling.

We have Policebot, Coolbot, and Firebot!

As homeschooling moms, we have so many things pulling us into different directions throughout the day. Playing with your children is such a great opportunity to create a strong bond. We laughed, smiled, talked, and most of all spent our day together while doing this fun activity. Cherish the sweet moments you have with your little one. Homeschooling allows for the beautiful days of leaving the dishes and dirty laundry aside and crawling around the floor, all while creating silly robots with your babies. These moments will be gone before you know it!

I hope this activity can help create a love for learning about robot using imagination while building. I also pray that you will find the time to play with your babies, despite all of the tasks you may have. These are the precious times we can influence our children and talk to them about the Lord.

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Happy homeschooling and remember to "willfully serve His children" throughout your homeschool day.



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