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Robotics and Coding Part 5

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Robotics and Coding Part 5

Robot Book Recommendations

One of my favorite times throughout our homeschooling day to read to our children is during meal times. It cuts down on playing at the table, allows for intellectual conversation, and provides me a captive audience to read to.

These have been our favorite robot books! Links to each are posted below.


WowWee Robot

This robot is super cute and so much fun to do with our oldest. We took some mama/son time and built this one day when the littles were sleeping. It was a sweet time spent together. Click on the picture or link below to take a look at this WowWee robot we put together.

Please note that I may receive compensation from affiliate marketing in this blog post.

As homeschooling mamas, it's hard sometimes to sit down to play or build with our little ones. There's many things pulling us in every direction throughout the day.

I encourage you to take time and play with your little one. They're only little once and you won't regret it. While building, it was a perfect time to talk about whatever was on his mind.

The age recommendation on this robot was a bit older than my son, but with a little bit of my help, we were able to build it together.

Our youngest woke up from his nap and help his big brother by handing him the screwdriver. He loved being apart of building this special little robot.

I'm pretty impressed with this toy, given the price. My son is quite rough on toys and it's held up to him running it around the house on the hardwood floors.

I hope by sharing these resources, I can help you create a love for learning about robots and finding great books to read to your children.

Don’t forget to check out the other coding resources we’ve found for you and your children.

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Happy homeschooling and remember to "willfully serve His children" throughout your homeschool day.



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