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5 Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

5 Fun Fall Crafts for Kids

It’s that season again! Fall is here and we enjoy soaking up the crisp air as much as we can in our homeschool. Bring your art supplies outside and get started on some beautiful crafts to gift or decorate your home for autumn.

Fun Fall Handicrafts for Kids

1. Fall Tea Towels

Grab some fall fruits and vegetables, paint, and sack cloth towels and create a sweet gift for your loved ones. Children will love stamping away and creating the sweetest patterns.

2. Corn Husk Wreath

Of course a wreath would make the list for fun fall crafts for kids. Have you harvested your corn yet? If so, you may be thinking about chopping down the corn stalks and throwing them in the composter. But wait! Grab some of the tassels and leftover husks and create a wreath with your little ones. This would make a beautiful gift for someone’s front door during the fall season!

Items you'll need:

-Pool noodle



-Corn husks and any dried/leftover flowers from your garden


3. Handmade Bookmarks

Are you looking for simple projects to help your little ones learn to sew? This bookmark is a great way to teach the basics of measuring, cutting, and sewing with the machine. We took a leaf off of a leftover fall decoration and made these sweet bookmarks for our homeschool read aloud books.

4. Pumpkin/Snowman Wood Slab

I’m all for dual-purpose decorations. This monogramed pumpkin can be flipped over after Thanksgiving and turned into a winter decoration that you can keep out through January. Just grab a wood slab (we got ours from Michaels), paint, paintbrushes, stencils, and popsicle sticks. Make sure you let one side dry before starting on the other.

5. Handmade Pumpkin Coasters

Who doesn’t love a good pumpkin latte during the fall season? Another fun sewing project are these adorable little coasters to set your favorite fall drink on.

Thank you for stopping by to read our fun fall crafts for kids. I hope you find a craft to make together in your homeschool. Be sure to check out our list of 16 Fun Fall Outdoor Activities to do with your little ones this fall.


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