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As we head into a new year, many of us are setting goals or spending time pondering how we'd like our year to look in 2021.

One of our desires as a family is to read even more and dive deeper into the Word. We're constantly in need of bookmarks. Do you ever fine yourself ripping sheets of papers to stick in your book or Bible? Well, we do this constantly.

We decided to make some bookmarks for a handicraft project over our Christmas break and gift them to our loved ones.

We used markers and stamps create a personalized note to make them extra special.

We want to share them with you as well. It's a wonderful way of spending some time together and a great reminder of how important it is to jump into the Word daily with our little ones.

Laminate and tie ribbons to them for a sweet gift. Click the link below to grab a free copy!

I'd love to see how your bookmark handicrafts come out! Please Share them on Instagram and tag me.

Enjoy, friends! Have a blessed new year as we enter into 2021!


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