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7 Picture Books and Bibles to Help You Teach the Gospel to Your Children

When it comes to motherhood, our calling is to teach the Gospel to our children daily and to pray for their little hearts. Today I’m sharing some of our favorite resources that we’ve used time and time again in our family. One time has only left us wanting to read more!

Below are our top 7 picks for teaching the Gospel:

A wonderful introduction to theology.

This book is brightly illustrated and has drawn our children in with the vivid colors on each page.

A classic that’s been around for decades. This story book Bible was my husbands and it’s special to share each of the stories in it. The vintage illustrations are truly one of a kind.

A brother and sister that discuss really life scenarios and the way they overcome challenges that come about. Their parents and other family members lead them and share the Gospel with them every chance they get.

If your children are into super heros, this devotional is worth looking at. It talks about each of the Bible history stories and the great gifts they have been given by the Lord to accomplish great things for His glory.

Wonderfully illustrated and simple words for a child to understand Truth and the words of the Lord.

This Bible does a fantastic job of putting Christ in the center of each of the stories.

I will be sharing more biblical picture story books soon!

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Happy homeschooling and remember to "Willfully Serve His Children" throughout your homeschool day.




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