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Homeschooling with a Newborn : Part 4

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Homeschooling with a Newborn: Part 4

Today's post is exciting because I've included 2 tips that have truly helped me homeschool our children with a newborn.

Couch Style

We normally school in our dining room, where they're able to write at the table but during this time we school on the couch where its comfortable. I grab a basket that has all of our morning time books, our curriculum books, and the activities I have for the day and place it on the couch. It's such a perfect way of spending quality time, snuggled under a blanket, all awhile still getting in our studies for the day.

If your child needs a hard surface to write, simply pull up a tv tray or a coffee table.

Enrichment Studies

We not only spend more time reading together, but we also spend more time on enrichment studies. Forget the subjects like science that requires a lot of materials, experiment items to get out, and mess to clean up.

Spend the time singing hymns and learning about the history of each or learning about your favorite composers. Consider having your child pick up an instrument if they haven't already or practicing more if they're already studying music.

This book is such a beautiful resource if you're looking for a hymn study. It's full of rich history and hymns you'll love. The hymn itself is found on the left side and the hymn origin on the right. click here to view a copy.

Another great enrichment study is picture studies and art. By homeschooling, I've really learned to enjoy art. Simply Charlotte Mason has a beautiful picture study by a variety of different artists that would be fantastic to study together during this season.

I hope these ideas spark some interest as you think about what your homeschool will look like with a newborn.

If your haven't already done so, be sure to check out the previous posts for other homeschool ideas while caring for a newborn.

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