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Christmas Story

Christmas Story

There are so many activities we all try to cram into this month before Christmas. There’s baking cookies, making crafts, going through an advent calendar, reading special Christmas books, writing cards, playing in the snow, and the list goes on and on. The most important thing to teach our children during this time however is that Christ came for us.

Good News! It’s Christmas! ties the Christmas story together so well for young children. This rhyming board book has been a favorite so far this year.

I created a nativity set made from just large popsicle sticks, paint and lace. It was so fun to create these for our kinesthetic learners. While I read this and other Christmas stories, I have them pull out their sticks and place them up to the book as each character in introduced. It’s a fun way of bringing the book to life!

Come back tomorrow to see another way we’ve used these popsicle sticks for Christmas! I will also be sharing our recipe for these fun brownie snowflake cookies!



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