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Book Recommendation

Book Recommendation

At some point or another as a parent, we teach our children about emotions. Whether it’s prompted from bickering between siblings, not getting a toy from a store, or asking our children for forgiveness because we as parents have lost our patience.

We’ve been gifted this book and we loved so much that I wanted to share it with all of you. Jax and his family are squirrels that run into several situations that cause each of them to show anger to one another. I’m often reluctant to buy books that speak about anger or frustration because I think many of them give ideas to our children that they didn’t once have. This one however, has such a beautiful way of wrapping it up and bringing it back to forgiveness and grace.

In the end, the squirrels sat down together and read the Word and asked each other for forgiveness. The book also includes scripture cards intended for each child to place in their back pocket for any time they need a reminder that God is there to help them.

Another wonderful part about the end of the book is there are notes for the parent to discuss the biblical truths. Plenty of meaningful conversations can be had by reading this book.

I hope you find this sweet recommendation well and it’s a blessing to your family as much as it is to ours.



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