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Scripture Memorization

Scripture Memorization

There are so many ways to teach creation to little ones, but I found just simply opening the Bible and speaking Truth is the best way. Today I read through Genesis and read the creation story our of our story book Bible. While I read to them, the oldest children did their verse of the week copy work and our youngest played.

Today’s verse of the week is the very first of the Bible. “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” Genesis 1:1

It’s so amazing that there was absolutely nothing and God created everything in 6 days. What a beautiful lesson this was for our children to learn the mighty works of our Creator’s hands.

Click here for your copy of the verse of the week.

Looking for more verse of the week fun? Come back next week and follow me on Instagram. If you use these pages, I’d love to see how you incorporate them into your homeschool.

Happy homeschooling and remember to willfully serve His children throughout your homeschool day.



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