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Sea Creatures Part 1

Sea Creatures Part 1

My desire as a homeschooling mom is to incorporate an even more Christ centered approach to our studies. What’s a better way of doing so than scripture memorization with your little ones? We’ll be including more this year within our morning breakfast time together.

With June upon us, we’ll be kicking off our school year with a sea creature nature study. Our children have expressed a huge interest lately in studying marine life. Being from Florida, I welcome this interest and I’m very excited to teach them with the opportunity of nature exploration over the summer months. Since we’re planning on taking a deep dive into marine life this year, I thought it’d be fun to incorporate this nature study in with our morning breakfast time.

If you’re studying sea creatures as well, or just simply want a fun way to engage your little ones to memorize more verses, this blog post is for you! I have included a FREE printable for you and your little ones to explore together. With sea creature paint pages, this packet is meant to engage your children while reviewing the verses. Click the picture or link below to enjoy your free printable.

Thank you for visiting my page. I pray this resource is a blessing to you and your family as you study marine life.

Looking for more sea creature activities and resources?

Stay tuned for additional posts in this series.

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Happy homeschooling and remember to willfully serve His children throughout your homeschooling day.



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