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The Skeletal System: Part 5 of 5

The Skeletal System: Part 5 of 5

It's been so fun sharing with all of you and answering your questions about these wonderful skeletal activities. Our children have all learned so much about the skeletal system and my hope is that you can share this with your little one as well. This is the last of the skeletal system series, but stay tuned for more human body series on my website!

Cranium Creation

A cranium full of Play-Doh. You can pretty much create anything with Play-Doh, can't you? Most children really enjoy playing with Play-Doh and the bright colors that are in each container. You will see a whole lot of Play-Doh in my lesson plans because it's easy to store and engaging for our children.

I have my own set of Play-Doh for lesson plans however, because otherwise you would see a big ball of brown dough on the tray. they mash all of the colors together to the point that you wouldn't be able to differentiate one bone from the next. I took each color and matched it with the illustration shown in our apologia book. I then printed labels straight off my computer and laminated each to corelate with each bone structure.

Please note that I may receive compensation from affiliate marketing in this blog post.

They labeled each bone on the tray after I read the chapter to them. I also gave them some teeth made of pipe cleaners to stick into the Play-doh as I read more to them.

This was such an exciting way for them to learn about the skull and the job it has in protecting our brains. After they learned each bone, they took their "scalpels" and played doctor.

Book Recommendations

I truly enjoy when I get great book recommendations from others. Not only do I recommend our Apologia Anatomy curriculum, but here are a few that have been great to have during our skeletal system series.

We heard about Apologia from a homeschool convention we went to. I love the creation confirmation section throughout all of their books. As homeschooling parents, we have peace of mind knowing that they present everything from a biblical perspective.

My Amazing Body Machine has wonderful illustrations and bright colors for young learners.

The other book we liked studying for this series is The Complete Human Body book. This is a large book, full of great information that pairs nicely with any human body series.

I hope this part of this series can help create a love for learning about the skull and the protection it provides within your little one.

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Stay tuned for more human body series I've created. Follow me on Instagram and Pintrest for the latest blog post uploads.

Happy homeschooling and remember to "willfully serve His children" throughout your homeschool day.



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