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10 Resources for a Bee Nature Study

Did you know that a colony of bees can drink a gallon of water each day? That’s incredible! We can spend hours observing the honeybees at work in the garden on a spring and summer day. Watching them work reminds me that God instructed them to work and they do it for His glory.

If it’s the Lord’s will, we would love to raise a colony of bees on our tiny homestead one day. Learning about them and how they work is half the fun though! The following are our favorite resources to learn about honeybees.

All About Bees

This large book is a wonderful, in-depth study on honeybees. You can find beekeeping history, a study on understanding the honeybee and how they work, practical beekeeping, as well as products, crafts, and recipes made from the wax and honey.

An illustrated guide to the extraordinary lives of not just honeybees, but all types of bees.

This sweet book has such colorful illustrations that draw children in.

Wonderfully illustrated a covers history and the work of bees as well.

Even if you aren’t interested in having bees yourself, the information in this book is just fascinating. Our children love learning how to smoke the hive and how honey is harvested.

An organic approach to raising bees in your backyard.

A perfect way to bring your nature study outdoors. This book has 48 queen spotting challenges for your children.

This game is played similar to dominos. You will match each image and connect your tiles together. Games give such an opportunity to discuss what you’ve just learned during a lesson.

Any time we pull out a bee unit study, I put our morning calendar up. It decorates our morning board and the little ones love being involved with setting the calendar up for the day.

We enjoy making creating with items from the backyard. We also love bringing nature studies back to the Creator himself. He is the reason we have these amazing insects to observe. In this FREE printable, you will read a verse in Job and discuss His sovereignty over all creation. We picked dandelions in the yard and grabbed some black beans to decorate our bees together.

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Happy homeschooling and remember to "Willfully Serve His Children" throughout your homeschool day.

In Him,



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