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10 Homeschool Activities to do Outside

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

We spend most of our Spring and Summer days outside. I would say we’re out for about 8-10 hours a day on a nice day. Of course, there are days where we need to stay in to get our chores done but we get outdoors as much as possible.

One of our absolute favorite books is A Year of Forest. This book is filled with so many amazing ideas for each season of the year. When I'm stuck and trying to think of something fun to do with the kids, this is my go to book for inspiration!

Another wonderful book is Into the Dirt. Watch out! You might enjoy the dirt and mud a little too much.

Here are 10 educational activities to add to your homeschool that will help you spend more hours outdoors.

1. Grow a garden.

I talk about this all the time. Sunshine or not, there is a ton of learning from planting a garden outside.

**Check out our Garden Morning Time in our shop! Gather around the table for morning time before heading out to the garden. This garden themed morning time will be sure to excite your children about the love of God and His creation.

When you garden with children, some of the subjects covered are as follows:

· Math

Measuring plants as they grow, measuring the distance between each seed before planting, calculating the number of days a seed takes to germinate, calculating the number of days until harvest, and counting the produce that has been harvested.

· Nature Study

Observing each plant as they grow

Journaling the growth chronologically in nature journals

Recognizing creation and our God that created all of the fruits and seeds.

· Life Skills

Learning how to plant seeds, maintain a plant, weed the garden, harvest fruits and vegetables and cook with them are all skills that will help them their entire life

· Health

By growing your own garden will give your children more opportunities to eat healthy. By caring for vegetables, they have a vested interest and are more likely to try and eat more vegetables that otherwise

2. Explore.

Our children have found countless treasures while exploring the outdoors. It doesn’t matter how many sensory bins, crafts, and books I pull out, getting outdoors and allowing the Holy Spirit teach them with his Creations is so valuable to their education. Go on a walk in the backyard or through the woods and they will find so much that peeks their interest.

3. Sidewalk Chalk Games.

We grab site words and a stick of chalk and can spend countless hours skipping, running, jumping, and laughing. They’re learning words that they would normally be sitting at a desk learning AND growing the gross motor skills.

4. Get Creative with Art.

Nature art is one our favorite things to do outside. Grab some sticks, stones, flowers, and leaves! The possibilities are endless and it allows them to express their creativity.

5. Outdoor Bible Lessons.

Stand in awe together while discovering something new or caring for a plant. Knowing that our Living God orchestrates the existence off all things in nature shows his endless sovereignty. Bring your Bible outside and discuss His providence together.

6. Reading Together.

Reading outside is the best. The sunshine on your face, the shade of a beautiful tree, and the grass on the ground where you sit is enough to keep you comfortable while reading a good story. The other day our children were playing with our chicken while I finished up Charlotte’s Web. We all sat in the grass and enjoyed a wonderful book in the sunshine.

7. Make a Craft Together.

Take a hammer outside with you and gather wildflowers and leaves. A great craft to create is nature printed tea towels for gifts or to put right into your kitchen. We took our towels and created book covers with them. It's such a lovely way of bringing nature into our school room.

8. Exercise.

Grab some movement cards and break a sweat with your little ones. These woodland animal movement cards are a wonderful way of having a laugh while learning and burning some energy.

9. Have a mud kitchen party!

All you need is dirt, water, and a little pan so your little one can create countless yummy treats.

10. Engineer Project.

Gather some branches and build a teepee. It’s neat to see multiple children working together to create a special place they can enjoy the magic of childhood.

Get outside and enjoy the beauty of God's creation while teaching your little ones.



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