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When it comes to schedules, although we are a routine driven family, we don’t stick to our schedule every single day. My advice if you have young children and you're trying to homeschool would be to get the wiggles out early in the morning. We spend our mornings going to the zoo, the science center, museums, library storytimes, parks, or open gyms. Taking a "field trip" to one of the places I mentioned can be included within a homeschool curriculum. For instance, if we are studying botany, I may take them for a nature walk at our local park to explore and then stop at the playground before jumping into the vehicle to go home. 


If you have toddlers, they need to run and learn too. If you think back to your time with your first child, you likely didn’t start your day off with hours of sit-down time. You probably went out to explore, took classes together, or just ran around the local park. Now that you may have multiple children, that young one needs to learn too. Stimulate their minds, get everyone’s wiggles out, and have fun playing with them. After you've done so, put your little one down for a nap and then sit down with your older children to begin your studies. I’ve tried many iterations of starting school early in the morning and it’s never sustainable for our children. Especially when you have busy boys as we do, you’re going to want them to run and jump before sitting them down for math or spelling lesson. I do a small bit of school in the morning as you can see from the schedule below, but it's no more than 30 minutes while having breakfast.


Below is the schedule I have come up with for our children.




































schedule with chart (2).jpg

Below you’ll find a link to the schedule I’ve created. It’s a free download for you to fill in what works for your homeschool routine.

Blank Schedule (2).jpg

Blank Schedule.pdf


Let me know in the comments below what your favorite morning activity is to do with your precious blessings.


I hope you found this helpful. Happy homeschooling and remember to “willfully serve His children” throughout your own homeschool day.




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