Throw on your apron and get the kids in the kitchen to make memories with this Reformation Purposeful Bake Study!


This Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool resource is aimed to target grade levels Preschool- Grade 3


This is a 34 page downloadable PDF which includes:

-Week lesson on church history. In particular, you will be studying Reformation for Reformation Day.
-Reformation Day history article written by Jessica Arias. Explains the life of Martin Luther and what led to the 95 theses being hung up in Wittenburg, Germany on October 31, 1517.
-Watercolor paint or coloring sheets- Martin Luther, 95 theses, a mighty fortress
-Bake study
-1 recipe for you and your little one to bake together. These step by step recipes have simple directions and mostly for early readers. This would be a wonderful addition to your life skills lessons for your children. It promotes independence and boosts the confidence when they’re able to create something special in the kitchen. You will be baking a traditional German cake because this is the countr