Teach your children about birds with this easy to use guide and hands-on activities.


This is a 25 page downloadable PDF which includes:

- Grouse and ptarmigan identification poster
- 2 part identification Montessori flashcards (set of 9)
- Hands-on Montessori match cards (set of 9)
- Handwriting practice- help your child learn the species of the bird and practice writing words with dotted lines.
-Feather anatomy - learn the parts of a feather 
- Feather coloring or watercolor paint sheet 
- Match the birds activity
- 7 grouse and ptarmigan fact sheets. This will help your child learn the habitats, behaviors, and diet of these birds.

-sage grouse
-sooty grouse
-ruffle grouse
-willow ptarmigan
-rack ptarmigan
-spruce grouse
-sharp-tailed grouse
-dusty grouse
-white-tailed ptarmigan

The Grouse and Ptarmigan Study is created by: Amanda Swain.

Illustrations by Amanda Swain

This study guide was created to encourage you and your child to