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Welcome to our current homeschooling space! We change the look of our room every semester to reflect our studies and keep things interesting for the kids.

Come back soon to check out my YouTube video and see our whole homeschool room tour.


For so long I told myself that our homeschool room would not look as such. Having children as young as we do, I wanted to keep our space near the kitchen to contain some of the food mess and allow my children to be comfortable while learning. We decided to use our dining room, as it’s an open floor plan to the kitchen and living room. We have space in other rooms or down in our basement, but especially when we have a new baby in the house, being close to the kitchen is helpful in keeping our homeschool day moving. Knowing that I can walk away from our toddler or preschooler for a moment while putting lunch together is peace of mind for me. I want to know that when I come back from making a quick lunch, I won’t have crayon on the walls or paint smeared in the baby’s hair. I kept it my mission to make the homeschool room look like a dining room as much as possible with all of our items tucked away. 

Let's face it there's a lot of stuff that comes along with homeschooling. The curriculum books, sensory bins, artwork, and other school supplies were just everywhere. Unlike I envisioned, the dining room was not what I wanted people to see when they first walked into our home. My husband and I finally decided to embrace the homeschool room for what it is. I was always of the mindset that everything should be put away so people couldn’t see it and we had a fully functioning dining room. We didn’t use the space as a dining room when it was just a dining room. We were doing our children a disservice by not displaying their creativity and love for learning. We've now created a space where our children can learn and be comfortable while doing so. We each have desks, a shared group table, I have a space for my office items, and so much more. I love how it turned out, and so do our children. 

These are our activity box shelves and supply drawers. Click here to see our activity boxes open and how I use them to entertain and teach our children.


For more details on where you can find these items for your own homeschool, please see each link below.

Horizontal Bookcase

Supply Drawers

The most recent purchase in our homeschool room is this black dry erase board. The kids love to draw on it when it’s time to switch unit studies. It adds a fun element to our studies throughout the day when we can look up and see a drawing that refers to something we are currently reading about in a book.


I've included the links below to both the erase board and bright neon markers we use with it.

Black Dry Erase Board

Neon Markers

We picked out our desks from Ikea so that they would each fit within the length of our dining room, from pillar to pillar. This configuration makes it feel as though there is a separation between the homeschool room and the living room, all while still having an open concept layout. Not everyone has this layout though, so having different sizes and configurations to choose from is convenient.


The length we had to work with was 150 feet. We have (2) of the 55” desks and (2) of the 41” desks. As you can see, they fit pretty snug, with only an inch to spare.


Pick out what works for you below.


41" Desk

55" Desk


I immediately loved this cabinet the second I found it. I had been looking for a cabinet to organize our homeschool activities, puzzles, and games for so long. I went from website to website, but never found what I was looking for within our budget. Unfortunately, I don’t have a link for you because I found it at Babies R Us just before they closed their doors. I got such a great deal on it. To this day, I know it was money well spent. This piece is technically an armoire, but I took the clothing rod out of it and call it our activity cabinet.


I have found a few comparable to this one for you all below.

Cabinet 1

Cabinet 2

Cabinet 3

This is another piece that I don't have a link for. One thing you may not know about me is I find a lot of really great trash that people throw on the side of the road. I consider it blessings from God and not just luck. He knows and cares about the even the tiny, insignificant things we need or desire for our homeschool endeavors. I looked for so long and was very patient in finding what I wanted. I was driving down the road, about a mile and a half from our home, and discovered this piece of treasure on the side of the road. I got home, told my hubby, and we jumped in his truck right away to pick it up. I plan on eventually painting or staining it, but for now, it works. We keep books, curriculum, more activities, and our printer in here. My advice is to look and be patient for awesome deals. You can also simply keep your eyes peeled for treasures like this one too! Happy hunting!


I encourage you moms our there to find your special place within your own homes and embrace your homeschool journey. Even the mess it can be at times.

Let me know in the comments below what kind of furniture you're using to organize and store you homeschool supplies.

Happy homeschooling and remember to “willfully serve His children” throughout your own homeschool day.



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