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Spring in Appalachia

Purposeful Bake Study-Spring in Appalachia

If you follow me on Instagram and Pinterest, you already know I’ve recently introduced my themed baking studies. This monthly curriculum was written for the purpose of bringing families together and homeschooling in the kitchen. It’s filled with so much more than just baking, however everything included in this monthly bundle is centered around each purposeful baking theme.

My newest addition to the shop is Spring in Appalachia. By request from my lovely follower, I have created both a Preschool and Kinder-Grade 3 version. We will be exploring a natural rhododendrom garden and baking a traditional recipe that goes along with a popular book about the Appalachian Mountains.

Go take a look at my shop for the full listing and detailed photos. you’ll also find all of my latest purposeful bake study uploads! Continue baking and making memories with those sweet little ones!

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Happy homeschooling and remember to "Willfully Serve His Children" throughout your homeschool day.



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